The revolution of 

performance management

No more static yearly performance reviews, 

only regular valuable check-ins and coaching for performance.

Finally an answer to those painful and inaccurate yearly reviews

Have efficient performance reviews and regular check-ins without the hassle of those traditional systems. Experience our unique suite of smart performance solutions.

We do the work, so you can focus on the talk.

Our platform captures continuous feedback, praise and progression on goals. Everything is prepared and delivered so it's easy to set up efficient check-ins or one-on-ones with teamleaders.

The check-in is generated automatically for the teamleader and employee when it is necessary. We provide coaching for your managers so you can let talent thrive within your organisation.

Let us coach you to more performance

Intuo helps us to onboard everybody on the same educational level.

Joeri NieuwinckelFagron

Intuo has helped us in training our partner-network in more ways than expected.

Niels Vanden Buverie - Teamleader 

We use Intuo to manage classroom training, organize webinars and digital training.   

Anne Deckmyn - Thomas Cook

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